Sunday, 28 October 2012

and so it begins...

I have devoured the library books and hope to remember some of the excellent tips - have a look at where you too can find a whole host of tips from Becky Goddard-Hill, author of How to Afford Time Off With Your Baby. My biggest lesson from her has been to be open about your position and accept help graciously. There will always be a time when you can pay back, and not necessarily financially.

Elen Lewis in The Resourceful Mum's Handbook makes reference to fun free family activities following tradition  - triggering of nostalgic feelings with comforting rhymes and ideas for crafty afternoons.

Ok, so reading is one thing, but what personal adjustments  have I actually made this week? Well I wrote to the grandparents with a list of things our LO will need in the future and asked them to consider these for his Christmas gifts. In a way this felt like swallowing pride, but it was met with a really positive response, making planning so much easier for Grandparents.

My OH took apart an old battered velocipede and fixed it up for LO's birthday. He found some websites which sell replacement parts for toys, a lick of paint, and some patience, and now it looks and works like brand new.

I also got busy with the baking, and made a birthday cake for our LO, at a fraction of a cost of a shop bought one. OK, so I had to buy the large square tin, but this will last for all the birthdays to come, and who knows even for a No.2 or No.3 to come... I downloaded a graphic of a 1 from the internet, printed it off and used it a template for cutting out the cake. Thanks to friends Lorna and Ange for decorating inspriation, and off we go. LO loved joining in with the baking so it provided an afternoon of free entertainment too.

There would be photos of the finished products, but I've had an incident with my camera phone involving lots of water. Hopefully this will all be sorted for the next blog!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

So, here I sit surrounded by goodies from the library and NCT sale.

LO is happy with his books and I am happy with mine (although, I am wondering when I might actually get time to read them). He thoroughly enjoyed crawling round the library and investigating the shelves so we also got a morning out for free! The first of my books is The Resourceful Mums Handbook by Elen Lewis, and the second is How to Afford Time off With Your Baby by Becky Goddard-Hill. I shall get back to you with updates on how I find them.

From the NCT sale we got lots of bargains, and first day motivation and a bored baby kept me to the shopping list. My other half is planning to repaint a velocipede we picked up for the LO's fast approaching birthday.

So from experience, here is the first tip: Always make a list and always stick to it.