Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I couldn't go without writing a Christmas post so here it is.

We are spending Christmas with family which, other than the fantastical weather, is really lovely. 

Chez Hedge are having a homemade feel to Christmas this year. We're very busy so I had to be very organised and prepare in advance. I have been inspired by Kirstie's Homemade Christmas and will say in a quiet voice so that the recipients can't hear (shhh!): vintage teacup candle. Do take a look for inspired and inexpensive gift ideas -- nowadays it's all about spending time rather than money. I have accompanied these with cupcake bath bombs for absolute indulgance. However, no photos as I don't want to give too much away!

I will however post a photo of the stocking I have made. I didn't want to give away LO's First Christmas babygro from last year (ooo, all sentimental now), nor did I want to leave it in a box somewhere to gather dust, or take up essential space. So, I downloaded a stocking outline from Google Images which I used as a template for the shape, then found some left-over gingham and wadding from a previous project, a friend's old top, a bit of ribbon, used the babygro to make a toe and cuff, and here is the result.

I'm quite pleased for a first attempt at making something without a pattern. And for free!

So, tip of this week is to re-use and up-cycle old baby items to make something useful to keep.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and, to pinch a phrase from Vivien of Holloway who sell beautiful vintage inspired clothing: "that your stockings be full and your puddings fruity!"

Monday, 3 December 2012


What to do with all those beautiful pictures your little one has been painting?

Of course the 'firsts' and the best should be kept, but we can't put them all in a box to gather dust.

I read about this idea before starting this blog and unfortunately cannot remember who it was that should be credited (sorry). Can I still use the baby brain excuse at 13 months? Technically he would have been 8 months when I read it so surely it must be ok!?

Anyway birthday 'thank yous' required so (sorry for the spoiler as I haven't put them in the post yet) time to glue those pictures onto a blank card?

We didn't have enough paintings either so out came paint, sponges and glitter and had lots of giggles. And some wrestling too - apparently paint is tasty!

So there you have it, a mini Picasso. One tip with three benefits: an activity with your child, a way to keep your home clutter free, and reasonably costed greetings cards. Oh, and very happy recipients too - everyone loves a piece of your little ones creative exploits.